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Forum Moderators' Guidelines
Thanks for helping out with the forums!  I thought a word or two on my preference with moderation would help... I prefer a gentle hand when it comes to moderation.  Over-moderation stifles forum use -- of course under-moderation leads to chaos.  Somewhere in the middle leaning towards permissiveness is where I prefer we be.  Here are a couple of guidelines regarding moderating the message forums:

Profanity:  For sparse use of profanity I usually will edit the post, replacing the word with <<<CENSORED>>> so people know it was edited.  Serious use of profanity I just move to the "Post-Hell" forum or delete (see below).
Hate and flame-bait:  I've got no tolerance for it.  Heated debate is one thing.  Personal attacks should be dealt with.  Note - there's a difference between personal criticism and personal attacks, and an exception if the attack is directed at me... 
BYOAC criticism:  I've got a really thick skin here.  Unless the post has profanity or is seriously hateful to someone other than myself, please don't moderate it.  I certainly don't mind being defended, but really don't need it.  I fully enjoy doing this and twits have no affect on me, they're just not worth taking personally.  NOTE - I don't expect you to put up with grief at all, but if it's directed at me or the website I'd prefer to see it un-altered.  Among other things it gives me a feel for how the FAQ is useful and/or not useful.
Off-topic:  Use your own judgement here...  If something obviously belongs in another forum feel free to move it.  If it's iffy as to what forum it could go in, I don't care if it stays in the main forum.
Censor, delete, or move?:  If a post or thread's got value to it, but has something that needs correcting as well, I prefer censoring (and making sure people know it was censored) first, followed by deleting individual portions if the rest of the thread is worth leaving, and finally moving the post to the "Post-Hell" forum if it's useless.  Please don't delete full threads -- move them to the "Post-Hell" forum instead.
Board or Website problems:  If you see a problem that needs quick attention, please email me. I'm not always on the forum, but I'm almost never more than 1/2 hour away from email somewhere :)
So that's it.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions regarding moderation, and THANKS FOR HELPING OUT!

--- saint


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