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DirectPad Pro requires the construction of a parallel port interface to talk to your gamepads. If you are careful and clip component leads you will be able to fit the entire pad interface into a DB-25 shell. If you don't know which end of a soldering iron to hold, please get someone else to build these interfaces for you. All of these images are available in the DPADPR50.ZIP file.

Construction is very straightforward. Print out the schematic image and cross off each connection as it is made. Just make sure to double-check the orientation of any diodes in the circuits. Before plugging in your interface do a final check to make sure that all wires are connected properly, and that no bare leads or wires are touching anything. I recommend using a plastic hood for these interfaces, so there's even less chance of short-circuiting things.

Here's how I have my interface hood set up, using a slightly modified plastic DB-25 hood:

Interface picture

I recommend not cutting up your joystick cables to make these interfaces. Instead, use the appropriate female or male connector so that you can connect any compatible joystick to the one interface. It is very easy to find the HD-15 and DB-9 connectors necessary for the Jaguar and Atari interfaces, but finding SNES connectors are probably impossible. For the SNES interface I recommend purchasing a SNES joypad extension cable and cutting off one end to wire directly to the schematic.

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