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This is an unauthorized mirror of Benji's SNESKey.  The original web site has disappeared.  Other than this header and the footer below, this is unmodified from the original.  There may be references to the original web site imbedded in the html.  It may spin for a moment or two attempting to find that before it gives up - however, the content of the page is intact despite the missing web site.  I've also put up a page with some additional information about SNESKey that is probably worth visiting.


The SNESKey Page
Graphic by Daniel Bauman

11/15/98 - The SNESKey Page is Back with: Playstation Controller Support

The manual hasn't been updated yet, but an example ini file is included in the Examples directory and the adapter schematic is below. Replace the "X" in the schematic with a 10. Only the DOS version supports the Playstation controller. The driver will be added to the Windows9X version soon. Special thanks to Cheng Ka Chun of Hong Kong who sent me a PSX controller, Juan Berrocal who sent me the code I based the SNESKey driver on and who sent me some good info on the PSX controllers, and Justin Bell who did the beta testing for me. The download is available below.
PSX Adapter Schematic

06/21/98 - SNESKey 1.62 and SNESKey9X Beta Three Available

What's new in SNESKey 1.62: What's new in SNESKey9X Beta Three:

04/04/98 - SNESKey9X Beta Two Available

There is still no manual, but this version is more polished and supports the following controllers: Drivers for the other controllers are being added. I haven't had time to add documentation for the custom built arcade controllers. If you're interested, please contact me and I'll tell you about the (very simple) circuit and how to use it with SNESKey.

03/17/98 - Windows9X Version of SNESKey is Here!

There is no manual yet. Just unzip everything (with the -d option) in to c:\SNESKey9X\ and run the executable. Load an ini file from the ini directory, modify it, save it with a new name, and then execute it. I recommend you be familiar with the DOS version of SNESKey before using the Win9X version.

Be forwarned that this version only supports SNES pads. The drivers for the other controllers will be added soon.

This is a beta release so please don't send any bug reports quite yet. I know it isn't perfect, but I didn't want to keep it to myself, so have fun. I will make an exception if SNESKey9X won't load, causes some kind of exception, freazes your system, etc. Also, a friendly feature request or two wouldn't be too bad.

On the topic of features, here are a few I have in mind already:

The download is available below.

Much Better Sidewinder and Game Pad Pro Support

SNESKey 1.61 has debugged Sidewinder and GPP drivers as well as support for up to four Sidewinders and two GPPs. The multi-player support hasn't been tested, so if you have more than one of either of these controllers let me know how it works.

SNESKey 1.60 Now Available - Sidewinder and Game Pad Pro Support Added

The manual still hasn't been spell checked, but here it is. Here's what's new:

HTML Version of SNESKey Docs Online

I'v put an HTMLized version of the SNESKey documentation online. It has drawings of all the circuits and the text is an updated form of SNESKey.txt. This new version has replaced the old SNESKey manual and is also included in the SNESKey archive.


SNESKey 1.63 Beta for DOS

SNESKey9X Beta 3 for Windows9X

If you get a message about a missing DLL when you run SNESKey9X, unzip this file into your windows system directory. MFC DLL Archive

Here is a (very old) Win95 version of SNESTest: SNESTest 2.00.01

Supported Devices

Soon to be Supported (Hopefully)

Just How Complex are These Circuits?

The circuits are just some wire, connectors, and (optionally) some diodes. For complete circuits for SNES, NES, Genesis and the rest see the SNESKey documentation.

What I'm Working on for the Future


If you want to contact me (Benji York) just send me some email at If you are asking a question, be sure to have carefully read the manual, especially sections that have to do with your question, thanks. Also, I no longer have time to answer every email I get. I will try my best to reply to true bug reports, suggestions, and pointers to info. My responces may take some time, so please be patient.

Last updated on 06/21/98.
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